Exlar – Roller Screw Actuators for Defense

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Exlar a Curtiss Wright Company

Founded in 1992 and located in Chanhassen, MN, Exlar Actuators from Curtiss-Wright utilize a unique Roller Screw Technology that is Comparable to Hydraulics but in an Electro-Mechanical Solution.  We offer both Rotary and Linear versions for many Different Markets including Defense, Oil & Gas, Process Control, Automotive and Packaging/Processing.

Product Types

  • Linear Roller Screw Actuators (includes integral Brushless Servo Motor): GSX, GSM Series
  • Rotary Roller Screw Actuators (Brushless Servo Motors):  SLG, SLM Series
  • Universal Roller Screw Actuators:  K Series & FT Series
  • Modified COTS Available for any of our products





  • GSX, GSM Series
  • Integrated Brushless Servo Motor gives direct Rotary to Linear Conversion
  • 2″, 3″, 4″ and 7″ Frame Sizes
  • Up to 18″ Stroke
  • Up to 37.5″/sec linear speeds
  • Up to 11,528 lbf
  • Many different mounting configurations
  • IP54 or IP65





  • SLG (GearMotor), SLM
  • Our Patented TLAM technology gives 35% more torque than a similarly sized traditionally wound servo motor
  • Available in 60, 75, 90, 115, 142 and 180 mm Frame Sizes
  • 115, 230, 400 VAC; 24 & 48 VDC
  • Speeds to 5,000 RPM
  • Up to 4,696 lb-in (SLG);  Up to 611 lb-in (SLM)
  • Brake Available
  • IP54 or IP65





  • FT & K Series
  • Universal Actuators Compatible with a wide variety of motors
  • Force: 100,000 lbf force (FT);  3,500 lbf force (K)
  • Speed:  59.3 in/s (FT); 32.8 in/s (K)
  • Stroke:  6″ to 48″ (FT);  1″ to 48″ (K)



  • Precise Positioning utilizing servo motors
  • All Electro-Mechanical Solution utilizing our Roller Screw Technology gives line to line contact of Roller Screw faces
  • Comparable to Hydraulics in the same package Size
  • Long Life – 15X the life of Ball Screw Actuators
  • Compact Package, brushless servo motor in line with linear actuator for direct rotary to linear conversion.  Eliminates hoses and remotely mounted hydraulic cylinders to provide compact solution
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Fluid-less system eliminating hydraulic leaks
  • COTS or Modified COTS
  • USA Designed and Manufactured
  • Supply Actuator Only or Complete Actuation System
  • Reputable Company – now owned by Curtiss Wright


Thousands of Defense Applications are successfully utilizing Exlar Actuators today for Navy Ships, Military Vehicles, Weapons and Radars.   Our precise positioning capabilities, high reliability and being comparable to hydraulics have allowed Exlar to be the electro-mechanical actuator of choice for countless Defense projects.

Application Image

The Navy has a directive to replace hydraulic systems wherever possible.  Since Exlar’s Roller Screw Actuators are comparable to hydraulics in an Electro-Mechanical solution, Exlar has been the electro-mechanical solution of choice.  Our Actuators are used to raise, lower and position hatches, shields, radars and weapons aboard Ships.

Application Image

Much like our Ship applications, we have had a lot of success being designed into Submarines to actuate doors, hatches, etc. Our Actuators are mounted both inside and outside the pressure hull.

Application Image

We are also used extensively to raise, lower and precisely position Radars.  Whether Truck Mounted, Ship Mounted or Ground Based we are involved in all types of Radar applications.

Application Image

We are also used on many types of Weapons platforms to precisely and quickly position the Weapons.  Much like Radar, our actuators are used on Weapons mounted on Military Vehicles, Ships and Ground Based Weapons too.

For more detailed product information, Please visit the Official Exlar Website Here:

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