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The Role of GTS

Our Main Goal is to increase revenue in the most efficient and timely manner possible. We can provide Marketing Reports, Territory Strategy, Lead Generation, Account Management all the way to Closing the Sale. GTS can be your Sales Source for the entire process, just one piece of the process or a combination of segments.

Develop and Implement Sales Strategy

GTS has years of experience on a National Sales level and can provide Strategic direction for Companies of any size. Having a plan in place is a critical piece of sales success, we will work with upper management to create a strategy that is right for your company.

Research the Market

Our firm specializes in finding the highest quality leads possible even in “greenfield” territory situations where our clients know very few if any contacts or even customer names in the territory. We dive deep into the details of the Territory to create high quality pursuit lists.

Lead Generation

Using the latest technologies, GTS has a passion for finding the most appropriate leads so you aren’t wasting time on prospects that are not a good match for your products and services. We do not believe in the selling “Ice to Eskimos” strategy as our sales opportunities need to benefit both our Clients and their Customers. If our Client’s Customers do not have a need for our Client’s products or services we simply move on.

Develop Marketing Collateral

GTS knows the importance of Marketing Collateral. We help educate and maintain contact with your customers on your products and capabilities. We work closely with our Clients to come up with the most effective presentations, videos or brochures.

Build the Sales Pipeline

Sales is really a matter of numbers, the more opportunities you have, the greater your chance of making a sale. GTS finds the highest quality prospects possible in an efficient manner to be able to keep the Sales pipeline overflowing with opportunities.

Proposal Preparation and Negotiation

GTS can assist in the preparation and negotiation of contracts with new or existing customers. We have many years of experience crafting the most persuasive and to the point proposals.