World Class Naval & Ground Defense Products

GTS Client’s are Global Leaders in providing Precise Actuation, Complete Motion Control Solutions, Power Management and Ventilation & Cooling into Air, Naval & Ground Defense Applications.  We are proud to support our US Military and help protect the Safety of our men & women on Land, Sea and Air.  Our Applications include Actuation on Navy Ships, Military Aircraft & Helicopters, UAS Platforms, Weapons, Radars and Military Vehicles.




Navy Ships


Our Client’s products are used to actuate doors, hatches, blast deflector shields, radars and weapons – anything on a Ship where precise actuation is needed.


For ground based weapons, weapons on a Ship or Military Vehicle our clients have been very successful providing actuation solutions into the Defense Market.



For Truck-mounted radars, stand alone radars or radars on a ship our Clients have fielded countless actuation solutions into the Defense Market.

Military Vehicles

GTS Client’s provide the very best Motion Control Solutions for all types of Military Vehicles including MRAPs, Humvees, Tanks and Support Vehicles.  One of our Client’s pioneered the very first Door Assist on MRAPs during Operation IRAQI Freedom.  In addition, our Client worked very closely with Army R+D Engineers to provide the only Automated Turret Solution atop Humvees and MRAPs today greatly increasing Soldier Survivability.